From Tortola with love - Trefle iPhone cases

Trèfle iPhone Cases

Tourists on Tortola, British Virgin Islands might be looking to slow their roll to the bare minimum. And there are plenty of beaches and swim-up bars catering to a relaxed canter. But one resident isn’t resting. Kristin Frazer — artist, businesswoman and general badass — is busy making moves with her design brand, Trèfle.  

 Trèfle is out with two new patterns — Cruller and Paradise. Both are born from Kristin’s creativity, yet they came to be in the aftermath of the pandemic and hurricane Irma. The experiences made a mark on Kristin, and the patterns reflect that imprint by the way they blend darks with brights more evenly. It’s all about putting positivity into perspective. 

 There’s a saying at Trèfle, “Our home, your paradise…” It speaks to hospitality, pride of place and impromptu interchange that happens when travelers and locals share the best of their worlds. That personality is present in these evocative new patterns. 

Pink Trèfle iPhone case
Black Trèfle iPhone case