OtterBox HQ

Sustainable strides

This planet is a shared resource, and a shared responsibility. At OtterBox, we’ve taken concrete steps to reduce our impact, enhance our processes and improve our stewardship. Not because we had to — because becoming a more sustainable company was the right thing to do.

In house

Our first efforts focused on the area where we have the most control — actions inside our own four walls. After an extensive audit of our practices, we identified and eliminated waste, from the breakroom to the warehouse to the boardroom.

In product

We earned our reputation building the best mobile accessories, and now we’re making many of them even better by using recycled plastics in some of our most popular cases. In fact, roughly 40% of the plastics used in our new case designs are recycled. As of the end of 2022, we’ve repurposed more than 3. 4 million pounds of post-industrial recycled plastic. And the count keeps growing.

In package

What’s inside our products is important. What they ship in is equally significant. That’s why we redesigned our retail packaging to replace nearly all plastic with materials that are fully recyclable and ready for your at-home blue bin.

Taking a photo in nature | OtterBox

On the horizon

There is no single end goal for sustainability, no number we’re trying to hit because there are always ways to improve. And that’s our focus — continually questioning how we can build smarter, run leaner and be a greener brand. For us and for you.