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Customizable cases and accessories for the latest from Apple.

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customized cases with pictures of dog and family

Custom iPhone Cases

Create a personalized masterpiece for your iPhone with OtterBox. Choose your favorite photos, designs or artwork and showcase them on a durable OtterBox case.

customized cases with pictures of dog and child

Custom Samsung Cases

Personalize your Samsung case with a variety of customization options. From personal photos to unique designs, you have the creative freedom to make it yours with OtterBox.

customized tumblers with personalized message

Custom Tumblers

Discover a new level of hydration with our Elevation 20 Tumbler. Personalize your tumbler with one-of-a-kind designs, vibrant colors and unique details to match your unique style.

How to create your customized products

1. Select your device or tumbler

2. Upload your design/picture

3. Customize your design/layout

4. Preview your creation

5. Add to cart

6. Proceed to checkout