smiling man and woman holding clear MagSafe iPhone cases

What is MagSafe?

For a lot of people, MagSafe might as well be Greek—some hard-to-translate tech term with no grounding in reality. But the idea is basic. MagSafe is a ring of magnets built into the backs of iPhone models starting with iPhone 12. That’s it and that’s all.

But from that ring of magnets, all kinds of conveniences flow. For example, wireless charging is simplified. The ring of magnets surrounds the wireless charging coil inside the phone, creating a consistent way to dock with a MagSafe charger. When the phone and MagSafe charger approach, they snap together like magic and don’t stop charging until pulled apart.

Putting power aside, MagSafe creates a brilliant platform for connecting and swapping accessories. Consider MagSafe wallets. Snapped right to the back of a phone, it lets you leave home with just the essentials and travel lighter. MagSafe is all about tapping into your phone’s inner strengths to boost its outer capabilities.

clear MagSafe iPhone cases

This must be the case

Yes, every iPhone since iPhone 12 has MagSafe built in. And yes, we make a lot of MagSafe cases with built-in magnets that snap securely to chargers and MagSafe accessories. But not every case is magnetized because not everyone uses MagSafe. How can you tell the difference? It’s all in the name. If a case’s name ends with “for MagSafe,” it’s outfitted with a ring of magnets. If not, it doesn’t. The choice is yours. Why does it matter if the case does or doesn’t have magnets? The magnets in your phone are only so strong. And if there’s too much of a gap between the device and the MagSafe accessory, then there’s no connection.

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