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OtterBox Frē Series

The original, LifeProof Frē Series waterproof phone case, has been saving people from soaked circuits since iPhone 4. It was conceived as an omni-protective waterproof phone case, blocking water, snow, dirt and drops—all in a tough but sleek design that lets iPhone’s aesthetics shine.

Standing the test of time, LifeProof Frē Series, whether past, present or future, is all about delivering a fully balanced case: appealing to the eye, nimble in the hand and ready for adventure. LifeProof joined the Otter Products family of brands in 2013. Given the continued maturation of the mobile technology industry, we decided that now is the right time to market our most popular LifeProof product under the expansive reach of the OtterBox brand.

Waterproof LifeProof Frē black case surfer | OtterBox

Waterproof phone protection & more

OtterBox Frē Series is a waterproof phone case (IP68) that is fully sealed from the elements yet stays impressively thin. Some of its distinguishing features are the contrasting seam stripe, spin style mute dial and the smart port plug. OtterBox waterproof Frē Series delivers a proven design that goes from the daily grind to adventurous pursuits.

 Waterproof LifeProof black Frë case on the beach | OtterBox

Seeking sustainability

When OtterBox decided to reduce its environmental impact, we knew we needed to reimagine the lifecycle of not just our products, but that of the materials used to make them. For a marine-minded case, we knew we had to do our part to protect the places Frē Series was designed to thrive in.

Heave-hoed fishing gear is a large contributor to the ocean’s 33-billion-pound plastic problem. The team tracked down a supplier who salvages old nets and ropes and reverts them back into viable raw materials. So rather than being cast off coast and potentially tangling with aquatic life, we take that out-of-commission tackle and turn it into phone cases.

 Waterproof LifeProof black Frë case on the beach | OtterBox

Drop anchor

Never content to just tread water, Frē Series for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are MagSafe compatible. MagSafe-friendly functionality expands the scope of this already ultra-capable case with intuitive accessories and wireless chargers that utilize built-in magnets to streamline your tech setup. Securely snap your Frē Series on a charging stand or pop on a Wallet for MagSafe for an essentials-only night out. With Frē Series for MagSafe, the world is your oyster.

OtterBox X LifeProof

Family dynamics

Now a part of the OtterBox lineup, Frē Series is still invested in waterproof protection that looks sharp and functions great—that includes using a high percentage of ocean-based recycled plastic. Frē Series waterproof phone case broke new ground by bringing all-encompassing protection into the fold. And broke it again by using ocean-based recycled plastic. LifeProof brand fans now benefit from the expanded OtterBox product ecosystem, including an extensive offering of screen protection and power products.