soft touch iPhone cases

Feel the colors

Ever been on a Target date with your significant other and noticed that the color of the throw pillows matches the leggings, and the seasonal mugs and the USB thumb drives? The world is awash in colors, yet the palette for most products feels consistent no matter the brand. Why? Because of trend forecasts.

Like weather forecasts for hues, trend forecasts give creators like us the power to peer into the future and make predictions on which colors might be the “it” colors. For example, Pantone always publishes their color of the year. And every year, that tone shows up on just about every shelf in every store until — poof — it all sells out.

black, yellow, pink soft touch iPhone cases
woman cozying up with pink soft touch iPhone case

At OtterBox, all of our products start with trend research. Let’s take Symmetry Series Soft Touch for MagSafe as a test case. We read the reports and pulled an insight — that people are looking for more joy in their lives. Since our phones are always in reach, we realized that our cases could create that jolt of dopamine through a pop of color and a calming texture. So that’s what we built.

Symmetry Series Soft Touch for MagSafe’s unique palette and velvety texture are inspired by warm, inviting tones. Picture sunset ombres and aura photography accentuated by the hazy, milky transparency of the case itself. We validated our direction through the trend forecasts, then customized the colors to make them our own. Key tones like Lemon Pucker and Beet It anchored the full color lineup, creating a core look that spans the collection.

Blue Durable iPhone Case | Defender Series
Slim Pink iPhone Case | Symmetry Series
Green Trendy iPhone Case | Commuter Series

That degree of intentional selection for colors and patterns is how we treat all of our series. Each year, we craft colorways for Symmetry Series, Defender Series, Commuter Series—every case we make—and they all have to fit into a cohesive color story that’s true to the product and current for the times. This is where artistry meets engineering, and it’s a space we love exploring.