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Closing Our Doors To Open Our Hearts

In support of the OtterCares Foundation’s mission to inspire young entrepreneurs and philanthropists to Ignite Tomorrow Today, we’re giving every employee February 15 off to volunteer with schools and organizations that do just that!

Your Pledge Could Be Worth $1,000

Now through March 1, you can donate your time to organizations that are near and dear to your heart. All pledges are entered to win $1,000, to be granted to the qualifying nonprofit of your choice. Just pledge your hours and fill out the form below.

Please see the Official Rules for details and eligibility requirements.

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Thank You!

Remember to share your volunteer activities on your favorite social network with #closed2open.

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Why we do what we do

Entrepreneurship is on the decline and philanthropy levels are flat — it’s time to Ignite Tomorrow Today!

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Inspiring kids to change the world

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OtterCares champions innovative education, grants and programs that teach philanthropy and entrepreneurship to kids — the ultimate investment in our future.

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