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Tested by us

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238+ testing hours.

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Built for you

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“I was leaving the bank on my motorcycle and hit a couple bumps in the road. My iPhone came out of my pocket, landing 75 ft from where it first fell...I could not believe that not only was the screen in one piece...”

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“...while riding on the Corolla Indy Kart racetrack, my iPhone 6 flew out of my car skidding across the race track! I wasn't aware until after the race ended but when we found it, my phone was completely fine, not even a scratch!!!”

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“Not a scratch! HTC One M9, Otter Box case. Just flew off the top of moms car on 400. Bounced off the road onto the side. Still works, not busted. Love this case, would not have my phone without it!”

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“After crashing into the concrete wall on a bike ride, my phone was in much better shape than I was. I'm positive I would have had to purchase a new phone had it not been for the Otterbox case.”

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