OtterBox's Cactus Leather Phone Case Lineup

The Cactus Collection

A new kind of material from a new kind of brand, Desserto®

The future of fashion in the palm of your hand

Ethical, durable, and beautiful fabric crafted from nopal cacti.

Cactus leather in a field of cacti

Elegant ethics

Desserto is mindful of their farming and manufacturing processes. First, the nopal cacti on their ranch are treated tenderly. Twice a year, farmers harvest just the mature pads, leaving the rest of the succulent to grow back. Better still, nopal doesn’t even need irrigation to regenerate. It’s resilient enough to thrive while just sipping rain. And since nopal is hearty by nature, it flourishes without pesticides, so it’s grown organically. By any measure, cactus-based leather substitute does right by your phone. And your conscience.

Posh partner

Why does Desserto’s material look lux enough to live inside European luxury cars? Because it does. From German sedans to Italian sandals, cactus is rapidly becoming the fabric of choice when only the choicest fabric will do. When we began exploring alternatives to leather, this fabric captivated us because of its rich grain, distinct texture and vibrant colors. Whether stretched on a phone case or tailored to a wearable, cactus based leather is a material with the right balance of indulgence and subtlety.

OtterBox black cactus leather case on iphone 15
up close cactus leather and cactus

A material difference

Phones’ lives are pure punishment. Day in and day out, they’re chucked to floors, rubbed in pockets and tumbled in purses. So when we vetted Desserto cactus-based leather substitute, we knew it had to have enough backbone to outlive the real world. And it does, delivering on three fronts: it’s naturally resistant to wear, it stands up to scuffs and it has tremendous stain-blocking properties. Cactus based leather is an ‘80s action flick hero — up for the challenge, whatever the challenge.

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