The perfect gift for every personality

Floral iPhone case and charging stand | OtterBox

For the trendsetter:

Style is second nature—blurring boundaries between what’s cool and coming next.

Pink iPhone Commuter Series case | OtterBox

For hustlers and bustlers:

Discover adaptable, carry-on companions for your favorite commuter.

Brown iPhone case and Clear iPad Case | OtterBox

For the homebody:

Tech-protecting presents for people with a penchant for the creature comforts of home.

MagSafe iPhone Clear Case with Charger | OtterBox

For the go-getter:

Gifts that work smarter, not harder — so focus on smashing glass ceilings, not their phone screens.

Blue iPhone case and green apple watch case | OtterBox

For outdoorsy types:

Tech can keep up while they seek out the thrills that sustain them...and come back with the pics to prove it.

PopSocket iPhone Case, Kids Case and Gaming Accessories | OtterBox

For the make-believers:

Colorful, kid-friendly gifts that don’t just add to the excitement of the season, they make it last all year long.