Jackie Nunnally matches Otter + Pop Symmetry Series to her favorite spring trends

Using Trendy Accessories Like Otter + Pop Symmetry Series to Style Your Outfit

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Accessorizing with Otter + Pop

“Be yourself, dress to match your ambitions, wear what makes you feel great. I like to add some simple necklaces and rings for accessories and top it all off with some statement shoes.” – Jackie Nunnally

Otter + Pop has a swappable PopTop, so you can match it to your style

Whether you are shopping the sales, new arrivals or your favorite thrift store, you can keep your wardrobe flexible this spring with the swappable, unstoppable Otter + Pop cases and fashionable PopTop designs. We met with fashion design graduate Jackie Nunnally to hear about how she opts into the latest trends for spring.

Nunnally styled and modeled for a recent Otter + Pop photoshoot with the OtterBox creative design team. Nunnally posed with some of her favorite graphic phone cases and trendy accessories like the latest line of cute PopSockets PopTops from the new line up of Otter + Pop Symmetry Series, a slim and protective case that integrates with a stylish PopSockets PopGrip to complement your style.

Accessories can either bring your outfit together, or show part of your personality that you don't necessarily express in clothing,” she said. “Personally, I like to pick colors that match what I’m wearing – especially when picking out a PopTop.

Otter + Pop Symmetry Series can be mixed and matched to match anything in your wardrobe

Nunnally’s go-to style favorites for building her spring capsule wardrobe includes earth tones paired with one trend statement accessory. A capsule wardrobe is a trend that helps you style your wardrobe with fewer pieces – think 35 or less – and rotating those pieces out every three months, based on weather and season. Adding in earth tones makes mixing and matching a capsule wardrobe easy and fun. Classic blue jeans paired with an olive top and brown sweater can be brought together with a pair of studded flats or a chunky necklace.

Nunnally prefers to shop with her friends at thrift stores to save on clothes and to find the most unique pieces to complement her favorite outfits.

“We are becoming more aware of our impact, so we are being more conscious while shopping and choosing items that are made better and will last longer,” Nunnally said. “There is a thrill in going thrifting with friends, finding some fun & unique pieces that no one else has. It also helps with being yourself, which is a trend that continues to grow, whether that means standing out or not.”

Otter + Pop Symmetry Series integrates the PopTop into the back, for a smooth back that slips easily in pockets
Always Tarty and What a Gem are available exclusively at Target

Always Tarty + What a Gem

Exclusive Designs Only at Target

Let your sweet and sour sides come out this spring with a lollipop swirl design or lemon print accent to go with your favorite clutch and sassy flats. Otter + Pop is the perfect combination of fashion and function to take your phone from blah to hello Dolly in a snap.

Purple Nebula and White Marble are available exclusively at Verizon

Blue Nebula + White Marble

Available at Verizon

Whether you want to feel a little out of this world with a space print or a little more down-to-Earth with a white marble PopSocket, Otter + Pop has got you and your device covered. Press, twist, swap – Otter + Pop is the perfect combination of fashion and function.

Lilac Dusk and Mauvelous are available now on otterbox.com

Lilac Dust + Mauvelous

Feeling the need to look Mauvelous? Pairing your spring wardrobe with a pastel phone case has never been so easy. These super sweet spring undertones match everything and you can mix and match your PopTop to add flair to each of your favorite closet staples.