lightning and explosions as peyton and ollie square off
Watch them Clash

When Peyton Manning became the new OtterBox Spokesperson, he didn't realize the job came with a rival.

Ollie extends a furry hand to Peyton

Round 1

Spokesperson Rivalry

It’s Peyton’s first day at OtterBox Headquarters, and his fellow Otters want to make him feel right at home — all but one.

Peyton sitting in an OtterBox case testing machine

Round 2

Manning vs The Machine

Peyton finds out that everything, including the spokesperson, has to pass all 24+ tests of the OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection Program.

Ollie looks out a loading dock at a departing truck

Round 3

A Room Without a View

Peyton tours the OtterBox Distribution Center and learns a tough lesson about the allure of Swarovski Crystals.