Donnie Vincent sits on a Venture cooler by the fire

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A Story with Donnie Vincent, @donnie_vincent

On a cool September morning, the frost has settled on the rolling hills of a lower part of Colorado. Breathing in the cold, he huddles into a warm jacket as a frigid breeze bites through all of his external gear. He walks slowly into the wind along the ridgeline – wondering what this day may hold. The area is wealthy with mountain lions, bears, deer, grouse and more – but one particular handsome animal has him captivated, the elk.

Meet Donnie

Meet Donnie

Donnie Vincent is driven by nature and has consistently let the outdoors and his passion for adventure be the compass for his life. The wide-open expanses of the world’s most remote territories dominate his thoughts and conversations. Deep in the heart of the wildest of terrain is where Vincent thrives. On his expeditions into remote wilds, in the lands where seemingly no one lives, he finds a peacefulness that is all his own.

Vincent works with a camera crew to showcase his expeditions across the world while hunting to tell a story about ancestral heritage, native respect and the desire to live strongly, empowering others to open their minds to the bigger picture and inspiring them to find their next adventure.

"I hunt a variety of ways, for almost every legal species found in North America, and sometimes around the world.”

Hunting for a Story

Hunting for a Story

Whether bow hunting a caribou or fly fishing for wild salmon, Vincent finds a passion in the outdoors and shares it with the world.

"I hunt nearly year-round,” said Vincent. "August and September lend themselves well to trekking and hunting in the mountains and/or across the arctic. October is perfect for pheasants, grouse and ducks, and November is king for the whitetail deer. December is great for late season hunting of any variety, birds or deer. Fast forward to the spring and I find myself chasing big tom turkeys in the warm green meadows and hardwoods of the Midwest. Summers find me kayaking deep into the Canadian wilderness to find fish. Variety is the spice of life and I find much of it with bow in hand while traveling the world. I live for it."

Variety is the spice of life and I find much of it with bow in hand while traveling the world. I live for it.

For as long as a month or two each year, Vincent spends time hunting completely alone, capturing his adventures on film and looking to the wilderness to lead him on his journey.

"Several years ago, I took two years hunting a single deer in western North Dakota, it was a very rewarding and trying experience," Vincent said. "We created a film around the story entitled 'The River’s Divide,' the film has been well received by the hunting and non-hunting community alike."

Donnie's Gear List

Donnie's Gear List

When planning for weeks out in the wilderness, Vincent plans a strategic list of items to take with him and has some key preferred gear that has stood the tests of his rugged outdoor adventures.

OtterBox Venture Coolers
"These coolers out perform any cooler that I've ever used, handily. If you're honest with yourself while shopping for a serious cooler, you'll be buying an OtterBox Venture."

Kifaru Tipis
"I'm in love with my Kifaru shelters. Light, they shed wind like a Ferrari...and not having a floor in your shelter is heaven on earth. They don't fit every scenario, so make good decisions...but they fit 90% of camping situations.”

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Sleeping Bag
“The ThermARest Neo-Air for me is too narrow (I need to do a little research myself) but it keeps you toasty and is incredibly rugged. As far as sleeping bags go, I've been using this Fjallraven Singi 3-Season down bag, it’s easily the best bag I’ve ever used.”

MSR Reactor Stove
"If you don't own the MSR Reactor Stove, go buy one. Flying fuel bottles around the world can be slightly complicated, meaning you have to find fuel after arriving (sometimes can be a problem in Canada or Alaska). However, anywhere in the lower 48, it's pretty slick. This stove will remain in my kit until further a word, rad!”

Darn Tough Socks
"Every single pair of socks that I own are Darn Tough! I wear them in everyday life, when I'm working out and hunting."

Fjallraven G-1000 pants
"Fjallraven does everything to the highest degree, and their G-1000 material spans many designs...these pants aren’t for every situation, but cover most situations quite handily.”

Hanwag Sirius II GTX
"Best boots in the business! Tough and fit like a dream, usually a boot this stiff needs a long and arduous break in period, but these worked for me right out of the box…they have unbelievable cross training shoes as well."

OtterBox Hunting Gear List

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