Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday

Disney Mickey: The True Original Celebrating 90 Years of Magic

Once upon a time, a tiny character came to play. He danced, and he whistled, and he sang his way into the hearts of every man, woman and child. This tiny animation was dubbed Mickey Mouse and is now the most recognizable animated character in all the land. Get into the celebratory spirit with some must-see Disney x OtterBox accessories and hear from OtterBox ambassadors, Emily Hagood and Brody Howell.

Q&A with OtterBox ambassadors and Disney super-fans Brody Howell and Emily Hagood

Ambassador @OhYeahEm loves her Totally Disney Symmetry Series

Q&A with OtterBox ambassadors and Disney super-fans Brody Howell and Emily Hagood

It’s a magical life to live close enough to Walt Disney World to visit as often as you like. OtterBox ambassadors Brody Howell and Emily Hagood take every chance they get to visit a land of fancy and meet up with their favorite characters along the way.

Q: What do you love about Mickey Mouse?
Brody: What is not to love about Mickey Mouse? He’s an icon and a legend! He’s the one that started it all. Disney might not be what it is today if he was never created! I also love that he has become such a fashion statement. It’s rare that I will leave the house without at least one or two Mickey inspired products on my person.

Emily: I love that Mickey Mouse is such a timeless icon. When I think about the impact his character has made on so many people throughout the years, I’m truly inspired. His personality is so lovable and it’s heartwarming to see such a well-known character loved universally for representing all things GOOD. Mickey believes in dreaming big and encouraging others to do the same.

Ambassador @DisneyBrody loves Mickey Mouse

Q: How does Disney inspire you?
Brody: What I love about Disney is that they continuously inspire not just me, but every Disney fan to be themselves. There is no better you than you, so go out and be YOU!

Emily: Disney inspires me in every aspect of my life. From the decor in my home, to the fashion I wear as well as the person I’ve become. I love to incorporate Disney characters, colors and patterns into my clothes and accessories because it makes every day feel a little more magical. Disney also inspires me to be positive, stay strong and full of love, qualities that are found throughout the heartfelt stories I grew up watching.

Q: Which Mickey OtterBox Symmetry Series do you love to rock?
Brody: I am completely obsessed with the new 90’s Style Retro Series. It’s such a throwback to my childhood and brings back all of my favorite memories of watching Mickey cartoons every Saturday morning!

Emily: Can’t go wrong with the Classics Series! Minnie Mouse has always been my fashion icon and I even say that polka dots are my favorite color. Whether I’m dressed in head-to-toe Disney Style or I’m in the mood for a subtler pop of Disney, the Classics Series pairs perfectly with everything.

Ambassador @OhYeahEm shows off her 90s retro style

Q: What is your favorite place to go at Walt Disney World?
Brody: This is always such a tough question, because I love it all! But if we’re talking food, you’ll find me headed straight for the Little Red Corn Dog Cart on Main Street! But as far as rides go, I’m always down to get soaked on Splash Mountain!

Emily: Every corner of Disneyland is so special to me, but my very favorite area is definitely Fantasyland. I love that so many of the original characters are represented in the attractions and all the treats are so yummy! Of course, it helps that there are a ton of adorable Instagrammable photo spots. Growing up as a Disney kid, the characters I connect the most with are the ones I watched when I was little. Walking around Fantasyland feels like I’m stepping back into my childhood.

New Mickey Mouse Symmetry Series

The True Original

It was all started by a mouse. This year marks Disney Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary and to celebrate, OtterBox created the True Original Symmetry Series cases. The thinner-than-ever one-piece design installs easily and is backed by trusted OtterBox protection. Showcase your Disney character with the timeless look and proven protection of OtterBox phone cases.

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Den Series

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Disney Classic Collection

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are Disney’s two most iconic characters and they’re on OtterBox Symmetry Series cases. Passionate fans can keep their inner kid alive for mischief, merriment and magical adventures with Disney Classic cases. The ultra-slim profile easily slips in and out of pockets and Certified Drop+ protection keeps your phone safe. Discover pure Disney magic with classic characters and timeless designs from OtterBox.

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