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Defender Series for the All-New Kindle Fire HD 7”

SKU: 77-33691
  • Rugged, Kindle Fire HD case for all those unexpected bumps and scrapes
  • Protective case for the device that’s perfect for the whole family
  • This Kindle Fire HD Defender Series case guards against damage from drops, dust, bumps and shock
  • Cover your Kindle Fire HD with trusted OtterBox protection and rest easy knowing that your device will prevail through almost any mishap
Defender Series for the All-New Kindle Fire HD 7”

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The most affordable Kindle Fire will become expensive if you have to replace it. Ensure your family’s favorite new device stays that way with the rugged Defender Series Kindle Fire HD case. Completely covering the device with multiple layers of protection, this Kindle HD case will help your device withstand the tug-of-wars between kids, the dog’s tail swiping it off the coffee table and the occasional fall from a backpack. Protect your family fun with the trusted OtterBox protection delivered by this Kindle Fire HD Defender Series case.

Instructional Video:


  • All-New Kindle Fire HD 7” (2013 model; does not fit older generation Kindle Fire HD 7")


  • Rugged case enables device use anywhere by even the roughest and clumsiest members of the family
  • All device features and functions work through the case
  • Included shield stand provides additional protection during transport
  • Shield stand accommodates convenient typing and viewing angles


  • Synthetic rubber slip cover absorbs shock from impacts
  • Hard polycarbonate shell deflects impact away from the device
  • Internal foam cushions the Kindle inside the case
  • Self-adhering screen protector guards against scratches and scrapes to the display

Environmental Protection:

The Defender Series case for Kindle Fire HD 7” provides added protection against drops, dust, bumps and shock but is NOT protective against water.

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