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Resurgence Power Case for iPhone 5/5s

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SKU: 77-42979
  • iPhone 5/5s power case delivers more than 2X your iPhone’s battery power
  • Military-rated drop protection (MIL STD 810G-516.6)
  • Slim, premium design for superior protection and sleek style
  • Auto-stop charge technology: automatically stops charging once your iPhone 5/5s is fully charged, saving you power for later
  • High-speed charging gets your iPhone up and running in a flash
  • Front-facing LED displays the case power status in 25% increments for a quick-check power status

Resurgence Power Case for iPhone 5/5s

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  • Unplug. Go further.
    What we need to accomplish each day can sometimes be more than what our phones can keep up with. So stay productive through your day and into your night with two times battery capacity. The Resurgence iPhone 5/5s battery power case helps keep you up and running to tackle what matters.
  • More than 2X Battery Power
    The slim Resurgence battery case for iPhone 5/5s is packed with a 2,000 mAh lithium ion battery that delivers more than double your phone’s capacity. Ever wish for more hours in a day? More hands? More energy? This case won’t grant those wishes, but with more than twice the battery capacity for your phone, it does help you accomplish more.
  • Packed for Punch
    Life is full of surprises. Good and bad. Resurgence iPhone 5/5s power case helps the bad ones make less of an impact. Military-rated drop protection helps your phone travel along through your life well past the expiration of your contract.
  • Premium Protection
    This sleek, two-piece design boasts military-rated drop defense for superior protection.
  • OtterBox-Exclusive Technology
    Innovative technology turns off power transfer from your case to your phone once the phone is full. This makes the best use of your added battery capacity and leaves some for later. When you need it most.
  • Work Smarter
    Auto-stop charge technology stops charging when your battery’s full, saving power for when it matters most.
  • Instantly FULLfilled
    You don’t have all day to wait for your case and phone to charge. Resurgence power case knows this. It employs high-speed charging and displays status in 25% increments via the front-facing LED.
  • Protection from a Brand You Trust
    Featuring a streamlined design that delivers tough protection from drops and shock, this power case gives you something no one else can — confidence that your device is protected by the No. 1-most trusted brand in smartphone protection.*
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iPhone 5/5S Alpha Glass

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Precision fit for Resurgence, Alpha Glass features anti-shatter and scratch technology for your touchscreen — take on your world with confidence. Learn more.

$29.95 $16.99


  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5s


  • Energized by a 2,000 mAh nominal lithium ion battery, giving you over two times the iPhone battery power
  • Military-rated drop protection (MIL STD 810G-516.6)
  • Front-facing LED displays the case power status in 25% increments
  • Headphone jack extender doubles as a handy headphone keeper
  • Included micro USB cable for high-speed case charging


  • Two-piece fiberglass-filled polycarbonate shell snaps together around the device, protecting it from falls and scratches
  • Interior, high-density foam core cushions your iPhone from drops
  • Premium soft-touch metallic paint for an elegant finish

Environmental Protection:

The Resurgence Power Case for iPhone 5/5s provides added protection against drops, bumps and shock but is NOT protective against water.

Patents Pending