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Commuter Series Case for Motorola DROID Mini

SKU: 77-31772

Out of the latest line-up of DROID devices, you may have chose the DROID Mini because of it’s sized-down, sleek design. And now you’re probably having an internal battle because you know you need to protect this precious device, but still want to preserve its smaller design. The Commuter Series case for DROID Mini is the perfect match for you. This DROID Mini cover provides two layers of sleek yet sturdy protection without adding additional bulk. The Commuter Series case for DROID Mini fits in your pocket and has a slick exterior that allows for quick, on-the-go access. Plus, all features are accessible and functional through this DROID Mini cover. Protection meets slim and sleek style with the Commuter Series case for DROID Mini.


  • DROID Mini by Motorola


  • Two layers of protection include interior slip cover and polycarbonate outer shell
  • All features of the device are functional through the case
  • 1-year warranty


  • Inner slip cover fits snugly around the device to absorb bumps and shock
  • Polycarbonate outer layer protects against drops and scratches to the device
  • Self-adhering screen protector is included to guard against scratches to the touch screen

Environmental Protection:

The Commuter Series case for DROID Mini by Motorola provides added protection against bumps, drops, dust and shocks but is NOT protective against water.

Patents Pending