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Commuter Series Case for Motorola DROID Maxx

SKU: 77-31461

Once you get your hands on the DROID Maxx, you’ll quickly find out that this is more than just a smartphone — it’s your prized technological possession. And anyone that’s damaged one of these prized technological possessions knows that gut wrenching, “the world is going to end” feeling that takes over when you drop, bump, sit on (insert other unexpected, but unfortunately, oftentimes daily accidents here) your bare DROID Maxx. Stop the emotional rollercoaster before it starts by protecting your investment with the Commuter Series case for DROID Maxx. From a slide across the dashboard to a fall from your lap when getting out of a cab, we’ve thought of all of those on-the-go, “worst case scenarios” when designing this DROID Maxx cover. Get this case and be carefree knowing your technology is protected.


  • DROID Maxx by Motorola


  • All features and functions work properly through the Commuter Series case
  • Port covers keep dirt and debris from getting in the ports and jacks


  • Interior slip cover layer cushions the DROID Maxx from the occasional mishaps, including bumps and drops
  • Exterior shell is sleek enough to slide in and out of pockets but is still tough enough to toss in your bag or purse
  • Self-adhesive screen protector guards against scratches and smudges

Environmental Protection:

The Commuter Series case for DROID Maxx case provides added protection against bump and shock but is NOT protective against water.

Patents Pending