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Symmetry Series for Samsung GALAXY S5

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SKU: sam28-galaxy-s5
  • This slim GALAXY S5 case has everything you want — style and protection
  • Two materials are molded together to create this one-piece stylish GALAXY S5 case that is one of the most protective cases in its class
  • Express your style when you select from the wild array of colors and graphics for your thin GALAXY S5 case
  • Enhance your style while protecting your new favorite device from drops and shock


  • When it comes to your smartphone, it’s not just about the protection. It’s also about you — your style, your personality, your life. With the OtterBox Symmetry Series, you don’t have to choose between a protective case and a stylish one. You can have it all.

  • Style matters.
    If it didn’t, you could just wrap your phone in a plastic shell and call it a day. Symmetry Series lets you choose from a wild array of colors and graphics, so you can strut your style and stand out from the masses.
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  • Case features:
    • Sleek, stylish, pocket-friendly design
    • Wraparound colors and graphics add seamless
      style to your GALAXY S5
    • Dual-material construction absorbs shock
      and withstands drops
    • Raised beveled edge keeps the gorgeous
      5.1” GALAXY S5 touchscreen safe
    • Easy installation protects and stylizes your phone
      in a flash
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  • Precision design for
    the GALAXY S5.
    Each case we make is inspired by and specifically designed for the device it protects. This Symmetry Series case for the GALAXY S5 includes these unique features:
    • Improved case construction for longevity of
      use and strength of case
    • Addition of serial number to authenticate the
      case is a genuine OtterBox
    • Refined materials formula for prolonged use
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  • Samsung GALAXY S5


  • Slender, cleanly constructed GALAXY S5 smartphone case is molded into a single piece for ease of installation
  • Dual-material construction makes Symmetry Series one of the slimmest, most protective cases in its class
  • A full spectrum of wraparound colors and graphics on the sleek exterior add seamless style that slides easily into and out of pockets
  • No need to choose between protection and style — this case delivers both, and it’s an OtterBox


  • Dual-material, one-piece design is composed of a synthetic rubber interior and an external polycarbonate shell
  • Synthetic rubber interior with honeycomb coring helps to absorb shock
  • Hard plastic exterior helps to prevent scratches
  • Raised beveled edge made up of synthetic rubber helps keep the touch screen safe

Environmental Protection:

The Symmetry Series case for Samsung GALAXY S5 provides added protection against drops, bumps and shock but is NOT protective against water.

Patents Pending

“This is a one-piece case that’s fairly slim, but you can still expect good protection from shocks, bumps, and falls thanks to the dual materials. The cut-outs are precise and there are covers to protect your buttons. You can get this case in a variety of color combinations, or you can opt for a patterned finish. You can get more protective cases from OtterBox if you need them, but this strikes a nice balance between style and protection.” - Digital Trends