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Defender Series for Samsung GALAXY S5

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  • The Defender Series GALAXY S5 case delivers rugged protection in color combinations you create
  • Multi-layer, custom GALAXY S5 case readies your new phone for heavy use and potential mishaps
  • This is the rugged GALAXY S5 case that lets you use your high-end device in demanding conditions and rough environments without worry
  • Wrap your GALAXY S5 with trusted OtterBox protection, and enjoy using it everywhere
Defender Series for Samsung GALAXY S5

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  • Rugged, protective case for demanding conditions, heavy use and random accidents.
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  • Build your own
    Only on otterbox.com can you build your own Defender Series GALAXY S5 case. Scroll through the color options to create a case that is made by you, just for you.
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  • Features
    • The multi-layer Defender Series GALAXY S5 case
       guards against drops, shocks and dust while maintaining
       seamless usability.
    • The high-impact polycarbonate shell fully covers the
       GALAXY S5 while the integrated screen protector
       guards against scratches and smudges.
    • This case provides full access to the GALAXY S5
       Heart Rate Sensor (HRS).
    • A wide opening at the bottom of the case accommodates
       the device plug.
    • Case allows full access to home button fingerprint scanner
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  • Precision design for the GALAXY S5
    Each case we make is inspired by and specifically designed for the device it protects. This Defender Series case for the GALAXY S5 includes these unique features:
    • Addition of serial number to authenticate the case is
       a genuine OtterBox.
    • Further evolution and improvements to the
       holster design.
    • Unique styling, textures and button designs to
       complement the GALAXY S5.
    • Overall refinements for improved ergonomics
       of the case.
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  • Samsung GALAXY S5


  • Your GALAXY S5 is completely covered; the case takes on the wear and tear of regular use
  • Dust, dirt and lint are blocked from entering jacks and ports
  • Screen protector guards against scratches and scrapes to the touch screen
  • Included holster fits most straps and belts; clip locks in place to act as a kickstand


  • Solid internal shell is made of polycarbonate for its impact-deflecting qualities
  • The clear membrane screen protector is built into the hard shell to guard the touch screen against scratches and scuffs
  • The outer synthetic rubber layer wraps around the shell to complete the case and absorb impact

Weight and Dimensions:

  • Weight (with holster): 4.64 oz./131.50 g
  • Dimensions (with holster): 6.08 in x 3.65 in x 1.36 in / 154.49 mm x 92.81 mm x 34.62 mm
  • Dimensions (without holster): 6.01 in x 3.36 in x .62 in / 152.73 mm x 85.26 mm x 15.82 mm

Environmental Protection:

The Defender Series case for Samsung GALAXY S5 provides added protection against drops, bumps and shock but is NOT protective against water.

Patents Pending

“The OtterBox Galaxy S5 Defender Series will combine OtterBox protection with the built-in water resistant features to offer a more rugged smartphone.” - Gotta Be Mobile