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Galaxy S4 Defender Series Holster

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SKU: sam2-galaxy-s4-holster

Your Galaxy S4 is controlling your life, and you’re so much the better for it. It wakes you up, gets you out of the house on time, helps you make every meeting with time to spare, you never miss a date or a birthday and you keep up with every email and tweet. What could make this incredible device even better? Why not get it a holster to carry it in your pack, on your hip and set it up on your nightstand. This Galaxy S4 Defender Series holster attaches anywhere you want to carry your device and locks into place to act as a media-viewing stand or alarm clock holder. Never miss a beat when you snap your S4 into the versatile Galaxy S4 Defender Series replacement holster, and clip it on for the ride.

Galaxy S4 Defender Series Holster

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