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iPhone 5 Commuter Series 3D Case

SKU: apl4-new-iphone-5-3d

We’re excited to introduce something a little different to the OtterBox line-up — in a dimensional sort of way. Our wildest designs are brought to life with the introduction of 3D cases for the iPhone 5 in the sturdy Commuter Series. Paired with the two-layer protection of the Commuter Series, the Skull, Tropical and Western Flower patterns provide sturdy protection that makes an impression. Get protection that inspires confidence with the Commuter Series iPhone 5 3D case by OtterBox. Looking to build your own Commuter Series? Check out the Commuter Series custom iPhone 5 case.

iPhone 5 Commuter Series 3D Case

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  • Apple iPhone 5


  • 1 year warranty
  • All features are completely usable through the Commuter Series iPhone 5 3D case
  • Silicone door tabs keep dust and debris out


  • Interior rubber layer cushions the iPhone 5
  • Exterior shell deflects impact away from the iPhone 5
  • Self-adhesive screen protector prevents smudges and scrapes (comes with bubble squeegee)

Weight & Dimensions

  • Approximate Weight: 1.41-2.01 oz / 40.00-57.00 g
  • Approximate Dimensions: 5.19 in x 2.58-2.86 in x 0.83-1.45 in / 131.97 mm x 65.51-72.83 mm x 21.08-36.81 mm

Environmental Protection:

The Commuter Series 3D iPhone 5 case provides added protection against bump and shock but is NOT protective against water.

Patents Pending