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SKU: 77-19202

The OtterBox 3250 Series is a cleverly-made drybox designed to withstand submersion up to 100 feet! Waterproof, crush proof and airtight, these cases provide protection for your GPS, passport, cell phone, glasses, sunglasses, jewelry and so much more!

OtterBox Drybox 3250


Waterproof-tested to 100 feet. Waterproof, crush proof and airtight protection for cell phones, sunglasses, iPod, small digital cameras, passport, jewelry and much more. Available in black, yellow, blue and clear.

  • Exterior Dimensions: 8.813" x 5.175" x 3.082"
  • Interior Dimensions: 7.587" x 3.648" x 2.226"


  • High-quality polycarbonate

Environmental Protection:

These cases are waterproof-tested to 100 feet.

Patents Pending