Product Donation Requests:

OtterBox believes it is important to give back to the communities in which we operate and each year we are proud to support hundreds of charitable events and organizations through product donations. Requests are considered on a rolling basis and fulfilled based upon adherence to our requirements.

Please review and submit the request form below, and you will receive a reply within 5–6 weeks.

Donation Eligibility Requirements:

Our product donations team will only consider donation requests that have a charitable purpose. Most often, this is a donation item for a raffle or silent auction at a fundraising event. However, other requests that are charitable in nature will be considered.

In order to receive a product donation from OtterBox, the request must be made from a nonprofit organization and must include a valid Tax ID/EIN which will certify nonprofit status of the organization requesting a donation.

Donation Exclusions:

The following types of requests are ineligible for OtterBox product donations and will not be considered:

  • For-profit entities
  • Political causes, candidates, organizations or campaigns
  • Advertising, marketing or promotional materials
  • "Goody bag" or "grab bag" requests to provide a product for all event attendees

To have your organization or event considered for a product donation, please submit full information using the form below. Your proposal will be evaluated and you will receive a reply within 5–6 weeks.

Large Quantity Requests for Schools:

If your school needs a large quantity of products to protect technology in classrooms, OtterBox may be able to assist with an education purchase for your school or parent-teacher organization. Please connect with us directly by sending an email containing details about your school’s need for tablet cases and we will follow up with further details. For additional information about case options for classrooms, please visit our Education Solutions page.


Your request will be processed and you should expect to hear back from us within 5–6 weeks. If your request is submitted properly, you will receive a confirmation email within one hour of submitting. To speed up this process, please be sure to only submit your request once.