Unrule the Outdoors
An Open Letter to the Outdoor Industry Outside is Not a Club

It has no members-only door, no secret handshake, no self-appointed board of directors.

Outside is everyone’s. The newbs, the weekend warriors, the pros and literally everyone in between. Outside doesn’t care if you top-roped or sent it; if you tied your own fly or took it on bait; if you’re a him or a her.

But lately it seems like there’s a right and a wrong way to be outside, as if the only way to pursue a passion is the way someone else pursues theirs. We’re all guilty of it: chasing trophies both real and digital, consumed with tagging the biggest, being the fastest, outdoorsing the best.

We’re territorial about public places and cliquish within our own communities, as if you can’t go outside unless you know the code to the gate.


Ours isn’t the job of defining the outdoor experience, but the privilege of enabling it. Maybe your slice of heaven is an off-width stretch of 5.13 sandstone. Maybe it’s a predawn paddle in 6mm of neoprene. And maybe, just maybe, it’s a lawn chair and something hoppy. Whatever it is, it doesn’t need more rules. Because however you have fun, You should have fun doing it.

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