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Otter Careers

Dare to be an Otter.

Work hard. Play hard. Many say it. We live it. Otters share the hard-working, entrepreneurial spirit of our founder and his focus on innovation - and we put it to use all day, every day. We make it fun to passionately pursue our vision of "what's next." Our commitments to customers, to one another and to our community are unparalleled, so we don't settle for great. We seek extraordinary.

Do you have what it takes to be an otter? Join the ranks of those who don't rest until it's right and take pride in knowing you are part of something truly exceptional.

Product and Service Quality

We ask a lot from our employees and are constantly impressed with the level of genuine effort, intelligent direction and pure skill we see daily. If sales figures, performance metrics, positive social media engagement, consumer testimonials and third-party product awards motivate you, we want to know. At OtterBox, quality is never an accident. We want people who are asking better questions, taking bigger risks and providing higher quality initiative than the rest.

Great Employer Recognition/Commitment to Benchmarking and Improvement

Behind the external awards, media accolades and distinguished reputation are Otters who work hard, play hard and take pride in knowing that they are part of an organization worth talking about. While our reputation is one of our strongest suits and our successes are celebrated, we are committed to continually improving, innovating and coming out on top as a choice employer. As if this isn't enthralling enough, our employee benefits, perks and company culture are modeled by organizations across the globe. Did we mention we're something worth talking about?

Job Impact

OtterBox employees own their work and take responsibility for their results. We have the utmost faith in the people we hire and trust they are doing the right thing. We empower our employees to make decisions daily that affect our bottom line through things like clearly defined job roles, recognition of jobs well done and identification of key contributors. Otters work from the heart and live by the notion that what we do here matters - this shows in daily performances and successful results. Because when you like what you do, you make good things happen.

Community Involvement and Philanthropy

Committed to the principle that "To whom much is given, much is expected," the OtterCares Foundation was created in 2010 as the charitable arm of OtterBox. This gives Otters the chance be a part of something bigger - supporting, improving and making a lasting impression by giving back to the communities that have supported our growth and success. We foster this philanthropic spirit with three full days of paid volunteer time per year, per Otter.

Personal and Professional Development Opportunities

At OtterBox, personal and professional growth is always in season. We believe the best contribution you can make at our company is to never stop improving yourself. We equip our employees with tools to perform at a consistently higher level by providing educational and development opportunities, coaching sessions and career path discussions. By investing in our employees' development and asking more of them, Otters ask more of themselves, require more from their coworkers and continuously strive to be more successful.