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Otter Careers

Work hard. Play hard.

We are a company focused on innovation and developing reliable processes to ensure we deliver high-quality products. The people who make this happen are key to our success. We work hard and play hard together. We collaborate and strategize together. We continually question the status quo and seek to make improvements as we go.

What's your work style?

Like to work in the dark?
Like loud music playing?
Like to take your laptop outside on the deck?
How about a massage chair break?
Maybe a little ping pong or pin ball or foosball?
Star Wars movies playing in the background?
Rubber band wars?
Bat tricks?
Dancing Irish jigs?
Riding big wheels?

What is your passion?

Meet. Collaborate. Strategize. Design. Develop. Ship. Go for a run. Send emails. Answer calls. Coordinate. Organize. Make processes. Sell. Educate. Train. Experiment. Test. Go out to lunch. Evaluate. Gather data. Prove points. Revise designs. Protect devices. Manage. Participate. Analyze. Tally. Track. Facilitate. Any and all of the above happens every day at OtterBox.

Our employees are important to us.

As a company, we embody the spirit of an otter who is a playful animal yet just as an otter works to find food each day we understand the essential need to work hard. Our employees are important to us.

We have big goals. And we have high standards for our products. We work hard every day to exceed our goals and move on to the next ones. The weeks disappear before our eyes. We call it Otter-time. It's never a dull moment and we always find time for a little flash fitness.