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OtterBox APAC

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Always Use Protection, OtterBox Defender Series

Representing one of the largest handheld wireless markets in the world, Asia Pacific (APAC) provides a prime location for OtterBox, makers of protective technology cases. Based in Wanchai, Hong Kong, OtterBox APAC began operations in April 2011.

Managing Director of APAC, Steve Nisbet, anticipates exponential growth across the region expanding to countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, India, Philippines, China and Japan, adding around 15 jobs in 2011 and as many as 40 in 2012. Positions include account development representatives, administrative assistants, business development managers and marketing roles.

“APAC represents a significant opportunity for OtterBox and an exciting challenge,” Nisbet said. “It is our vision to continue the high level of service and I look forward to expanding OtterBox's brand throughout the region.”

Innovating protective solutions for leading global handheld manufacturers, wireless carriers and distributors, OtterBox headquarters are located in Fort Collins, Colo. with global offices in Cork, Ireland as well as Dubai, United Arab Emirates which serve Europe, the Middle East and Africa.