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HTC One V Commuter Series


Only OtterBox can provide the protection that the HTC One V deserves. Built with two high quality protective layers, the Commuter Series HTC One V case provides stylish protection for highly connected users. A self-adhering screen shield inhibits scuffs and scrapes while the inner silicone layer cushions the One V against impact. The polycarbonate outer layer provides solid impact protection without being too bulky. The smooth surface of the outer shell makes the One V case easy to get in and out of pockets. Get sleek yet solid protection with the Commuter Series HTC One V case from OtterBox.

HTC One V Commuter Series




  • Complete functionality of the HTC One V through the case, including the speaker, microphone, camera and flash
  • Silicone covers shield the main openings of the phone, including volume controls, power button and headphone jack
  • Two layers of sleek protection include a silicone inner layer and a polycarbonate outer layer


  • Self-adhering screen protector prevents scuffs and scratches (comes with screen cleaning cloth and bubble squeegee)
  • Silicone inner layer provides cushioning for the One V
  • Outer polycarbonate layer provides smooth yet solid impact protection without being too bulky in your bag or pocket

Environmental Protection:

The Commuter Series case for the HTC One V provides added protection against bump and shock but is NOT protective against water.

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